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 About NGL App -:

This app sends you take anonymous questions if you're not getting many from wherever you posted it. I've opened the app a few times to where it thinks I've put the link up somewhere, but I didn't, and I started receiving messages anyway, even though there was no link shared anywhere. Other users of the app that I know have also received fake messages. It's all to try and keep engagement up, if you aren't getting messages you won't use the app, right? So they try to manipulate you, instead.



I don't like the new dice icons, I can't tell what questions I already opened and responded to and which ones I haven't anymore. I'm sure there's a lot of people who would prefer the old icons back rather this nonsense of dice. Otherwise I think the app's fine, messages are slow to show up in your inbox (I usually have to wait for the red dot, close, and reopen the app to see the new messages.)

They wasn't lying when they said it be having notifications but nothing be their. I downloaded it on my Samsung and it doesn't work, however it works perfectly on my I phone. So maybe that's something you guys need to figure it Out. Or it might just depend on your phone but im pretty sure not everyone leaving a complaint has an android. so I advise you to see was up with that but overall such a great app I love it.



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