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 Hello Marvelites. Pritam here once again at GamesX. And I am at the Marvel Snap Booth. And I am joined by Ben Brode, Chief Development Officer on the game and for second dinner. Hello Ben. It is so good to be here. Now, for anybody who's watching, who doesn't know Marvel Snap yet, please give a quick overview of the game. Oh, sure. So it's a card game on your phone or PC. It's really fast. So it's-- an average of like 3 minutes. And it's really interesting because for the first time in a collectible card game, you take your turn simultaneously. And so while I'm deciding what I want to do on my turn, you're just saying what you want to do on your turn. And then we end the turn at the same time. It means there's no waiting. The games are like blistering fast. We got to talk a little bit more about the game because there's a new season, The Symbiote Invasion. Tell us a little bit about that. Well, it's our first real season. So we've been running a beta. We're launching a couple of regions. But for the first time, we're going-- we're going everywhere. And this season is the first time players can start to collect cards from the symbiote invasion. Miles Morales is a new card we've just added to the game. Players will pick it up in the game launch is October 18th. 



We've got Rishi Mohan, who is the Head of Marketing for Marvel Snap. Now Rishi, y'all didn't just come with like a little stand here at New York Comic-Con. You didn't come to be like hey, check out our mobile game. You came with a giant freaking booth. It is awesome and it is gorgeous. Tell us a little bit about what your presence is like here in New York Comic-Con. Thanks a lot. Look, card game fans deserve it. Mobile game fans deserve it. And frankly, New York Comic-Con deserves it. What we wanted to do was create an experience if we're finally outside at events where you can experience the entire universe and Marvel Snap inside of our collector's cube. We wanted to set something up, Easter eggs all over the place, and really make an experience that you want to come to if you're here in person. Something you can check out online now with all the content being made inside. All right. You got to share some of the Easter eggs. I saw a Spidey in a window up there. What else? What are some of your favorites around the booth? Look, Spidey is in the window lurking around. I hear Oscorp is here. There's some Pym technologies around here. 




 A little bit of graffiti all around. I need to check out who's doing that. Inside of the cube, you're going to see some cool stuff. And I hear around the back, there's some pretty cool matchups that you can check out also. But also, fans are coming and they're getting their hands on the game. How much fun is it for you and the team to actually see people playing it on a wider scale? You know, everything we do we feel like it's either a love letter to the fans or to the Marvel Universe. So to see people actually interact with this stuff, it gives us so much energy. It makes us want to do more and more. I wish New York Comic-Con was forever. We could do this all day long talking to people and showing them the game. I got-- I got to go home every night and, like, scoop cat poop and then kiss my daughter to sleep. It takes a long time. Maybe like five more days, five more days, maybe not forever. Fair enough. If you have 3 minutes in between, then you should get a game of Marvel Snap in. My dude right here. You got to check out Marvel Snap. We're pre-registering now. October 18th. Get in there. You're going to have a lot of fun. 



I am so excited to show you what we have been working on for the last four years. MARVEL SNAP is the combination of everything we have learned about making super fun card games combined with the power of the Marvel Universe. It’s been an unbelievable honor to work with Marvel and Nuverse on our first project. There’s never been a game like MARVEL SNAP, and we are so excited to share with you. [YONG WOO, CHIEF PRODUCTION OFFICER] MARVEL SNAP is a collectible card game, where we stripped out all of the stuff that gets in the way of fun, and gets everybody straight into the strategic action. [JOMARO KINDRED, ART DIRECTOR] The first thing that makes MARVEL SNAP different than other CCGs is how fast the games are. These games are about three minutes, both players play simultaneously, there’s no waiting. We’ve taken your opponent’s turns and your turns and layered them on top of each other, so that you don’t have any waiting, it’s just your turn, your turn, your turn, your turn, you get to make all of the decisions in half of the time. With MARVEL SNAP we really wanted to bring it to the next level. Another example is deck building. Once upon a time, card games had 60-card decks, you get to play 4 copies of any card, actually there’s just 15 unique cards. So with MARVEL SNAP we thought ‘Hey, why does it have to be 15 cards?’, and actually the games are so fast, we can go down to 12 cards, which is still about the same amount of strategic depth, but it’s so much easier to build the deck. The game is all about the cosmic cube. ‘Oh! SNAP!’  In the Ranked Mode you basically fighting against other players, trying to get more cosmic cubes. If you think you are gonna win, you can SNAP! your opponent, and that doubles the stakes. The whole mind games aspect does spike my heart rate a little bit. 




 When you feel like you are going to win the game, you can double down and get more rewards back. Which feels great when you win. If you Retreat a game, that means you lose a game. But it doesn’t feel bad, it’s kind of like a skill for the damage control. Play over three locations, and your goal is to win two out of the three locations. So the mind game start to happen as you start shuffling your cards around and trying to figure out how to outweigh your opponents to secure two out of the three locations. The cards focus on the heroes and the villains of Marvel Universe. And every card in MARVEL SNAP has a unique ability, these powers really affect the game. Especially choosing the cards that work best together is one of the most fun parts of the game. My favorite card is probably Magik. Heimdall. Viper. Galactus. Gamora. Kang the Conqueror. The Marvel Universe and Marvel Multiverse ultimately is so rich, how can we get all of that into this game? And the only way to do that is to through these Variants. Maybe you really like one style of variant, so you want to collect a bunch of them, and build your deck using these Variants. We found really unique artists who have such a distinctive style that we actually want to turn it into a Variant set. So that’s another way we approach Variants. It's another way to express yourself in MARVEL SNAP. When we launch there will be well over 150 base cards for players to collect. And we are gonna continue be adding new cards to the game every single month as new Seasons roll out. We just really want you to see that there’s something new everyday. It’s really important to us that you are not paying for power. The game is free to play and you can get every card in the game over time, without paying anything. ‘Got ‘em!’  You can just hit one button and you are right into a game, we’ll try to find a fair match for you, there’s no pressure on you to figure about what kind of battle you want to have today. 




The skill cap is really high, I think you can play SNAP for thousands of hours and not feel like you perfected it. When no game feels the same, when you always learning, I think that’s really important for a game feeling like it has a meaningful depth. We have huge ambition of constantly delivering new content and constantly evolving the meta for the game. ‘Framebreak! That will deliver better experience to our players. MARVEL SNAP is a mobile first title. But that’s not the same as being mobile only. We are working towards having an early access version available on PC at the time that we launch globally. One of the things I’m most excited about the game are these incredible 3D effects that we have on cards. They really make it feel unlike any other card game. We did a lot of VFX around communicating and ability for cards but we also sort of adding flavor effects that just make cards feel more like, who they are, those characters.




 The music especially, brings together some of the iconic feel and genre that you’d come to expect with Marvel. Anytime a Marvel character has an iconic line, we made sure we recorded that character saying that line. Human Torch says ‘Flame On!’, and The Thing says ‘It’s clobberin’ time!’, ‘HULK SMASH!’ MARVEL SNAP is like a continuation of the fandom that many of us have had for Marvel since when we were toddlers. Now we get to pour all that passion into something that’s really gonna make it out there. On MARVEL SNAP, I get the luxury of doing what I love, and what I love is arts. You just geek out over the comics that you used to read as a kid and spend everyday looking at something that’s going to blow your mind? It’s just a dream come true. We hope you enjoyed that first look into the passion and excitement we put into making MARVEL SNAP, it’s been an incredible journey, thanks to our partners in Marvel and Nuverse for helping us getting all of this together. And follow us on our social media, Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter, everything, and go to, sign up for the beta, start soon. We’d like to play some games with you. 










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