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It was the night before Christmas, all quiet and stealing cold... A little Dragon slept in the middle of the island, dreaming about its beloved #DragonCityStory. In the magic clouds of Dragon City, there was a Dragon hidden in the dark. Little Kenny was trying to sneak into the very secret Relic Palace... Moving slowly and using his ghostly hands, Kenny managed to break into the Palace... But why would he want to enter this secret place? The powerful Relic of Life! With a fast movement, he swiped the Relic! I foresaw something bad was about to happen and tried to stop it, but I didn’t arrive on time... Surprised by my presence, Kenny dropped the Breeding Relic, and it broke into pieces… With terrible consequences... Furious, I banished Kenny from Dragon City, naming him the “Burglar Dragon”, a shameful name that he would carry forever... Now what? Without the Relic of Life... Dragon City’s breeding powers would soon fade away… … And breeding dragons would no longer be possible. I had to think fast, and I came up with a plan. We had to collect the Rarity Artifacts! We needed them to summon the Rarity Dragons: Clarity, Reason, Virtue, Empathy, and Loyalty. As the five of Rarity Dragons stood together, a blinding light flashed from their emblems, opening a portal to a magical dimension and invoking the mighty Origin Dragon, the one and only Dragon that could reassemble the 5 rarity pieces. They did it! They were safe! I grabbed the Relic of Life, and put it back to its rightful place inside the Relic Palace, restoring Dragon City’s breeding power. Sometimes, dreams come true. A new adventure is about to begin! By the way, where do you think Burglar Dragon has gone? I’m afraid I treated the poor thing too harshly… How many dragons do you have? 200? 300? Who cares!? It is easy now that you have 12 Islands! I would have liked to see you when we only had 4... Back in my day, I didn't know what to do with my beloved dragons Change them for orbs? Of course not! I sold them I sold my little Bart... I'm sorry Bart... I hope... you can... forgive me... Of course I like the #TreeOfLife adventures! What kind of questions is that?! But... before it was different. We didn't have any stories back then. So we created them ourselves. "You know what, Wallace? No matter how many tomatoes I eat, I still feel empty inside..." "You need to go out, and live your own adventures!" Nobody was there when I started playing... .. Only this guy with the beard. Now it's different. You connect with your social networks and... voilà! All your friends are there sending gifts and all these stuff! Hey! I have already overtaken you in the Alliance Rank! See ya! But do you know what? Because I was the very first one, this guy has given me an exclusive decoration THAT NOBODY ELSE HAS! 





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