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Hi, whats up? My name is Pritam, and you are on  "Games X" . Today I'm going to   tell you about the best cartoon games.



 Rayman Legends Definitely the best cartoon platformer  of all that had come out so far. Very beautiful, kind and funny, it also  offers incredibly rich and addictive gameplay,   which seems to be enough for several separate  games. A nice addition is also the presence of a   cooperative that allows you to go on a wonderful  journey called Rayman Legends with friends. 



Ori and the Blind Forest A platformer from Moon Studios, which  takes place in a magical forest,   which is a huge open location, divided into  lots. At the same time, from the very beginning,   the player is not explained what and how  to do, and he has to figure everything   out himself, and this adds a certain  intrigue to everything that happens.  In addition to this unusual narrative  structure, the game has many other   virtues. Beautiful landscapes, a mysterious  storyline, many skills available for learning,   a cute protagonist named Ori - all this  is present in Ori and the Blind Forest. Ori and the Will of the Wisps The sequel to the magical  Ori and the Blind Forest,   in which the adventures of a creature named  Kuro continue. This time, he and a new friend   will have to get out of a dark and dangerous  forest, and it will be a very difficult journey,   because more often the characters are waiting for  dangerous enemies! Ori and the Will of the Wisps   has acquired new gameplay mechanics, received  a new round of history, and, most importantly,   has delighted gamers with even more beautiful  (though, it would seem, much too much) graphics,   indistinguishable from the best modern cartoons.



 Super Lucky's Tale is a hilarious 3D  platformer dedicated to Lucky the fox,   who has entered into a confrontation with a  villain who wants to remake the world for himself.   Despite the "childishness" and  cartoonishness of the game,   it will certainly appeal to adult gamers who  will certainly want to go through all its tests. Night in the Woods An unusual project from Infinite Fall, which is  a mixture of detective quest, platforming and   puzzle. At the center of the storyline is the  cat Mei, who, upon returning to her hometown,   is faced with many inexplicable and even ominous  events, the source of which is the nearby forest.



 CHUCHEL This is a game about a shaggy lump named  Chuchel, which is trying to get its hands on   the coveted cherries for several dozen levels.  But every time something bothers him, and the   process turns into a collection of hilarious  scenes with an unpredictable course of events.   Simple but very funny game  for adults and children. Disney Universe An excellent computer game for  children and adults. Colorful and fun,   it will allow players to find themselves in  the multiverse created by Disney and meet many   of their favorite characters. The gameplay  at the same time pleases with a variety and   often repeats the events that took place in films  and cartoons created by the famous film company. 



 Valiant Hearts: The Great War A very touching and atmospheric quest game  developed by Ubisoft Montpellier. The first   place here comes out surprisingly simply executed,  but at the same time very sensual and touching   for a living story about the fate of ordinary  people who found themselves in the millstones   of one of the bloodiest and most destructive  wars. However, the gameplay, consisting of   solving puzzles and finding the necessary  items, also deserves commendable reviews. It Takes Two is a co-op adventure game based  on the romantic story of two lovers who were   turned into dolls. On behalf of Cody and May,  you will take a journey through the microcosm,   where mechanics from various  genres await you - for example,   there are puzzles to solve which will require  the abilities of heroes, battles with enemies,   as well as adventures in picturesque places. It Takes Two has been loved since the release,   celebrating the successful combination  of genres and fun gameplay,   and the graphics in the style of Pixar cartoons  only enhance the experience of the game. 



Hollow Knight An exciting action-adventure game from  independent developers from Team Cherry,   built on the principle of metroidvania. Players  will have to travel a lot and fight enemies,   overcome various obstacles and traps, look  for secrets and improve their fighting and   acrobatic skills. In this case, the  action takes place in a very unusual,   huge and open world, which is  an abandoned kingdom of insects. Dust: An Elysian Tail Adventure game from Humble Hearts  with cute cartoon graphics,   epic storyline and good gameplay,  built on the principle of Beat 'em up.   The peculiarity of Dust: An Elysian Tail is that  from time to time the hero must be distracted   from the battles and learn new skills in order to  successfully fight with more powerful opponents,   as well as return to the already passed locations  in order to get to previously inaccessible places.



 Never Alone Another addicting 2D platforming  puzzle game with a fabulous atmosphere,   intriguing storyline and good gameplay. An  important feature of Never Alone is that the   game is based on the traditional traditions of  the Inuit - the indigenous people of Alaska.   The game also has a cooperative mode  that allows you to play with a friend. Stick it to The Man! Bright and funny arcade platformer with  puzzle elements in which we will have to   travel the world made of paper and stickers. The main character is a tester of paints,   who, together with the rubber hand  that came from nowhere on his head,   acquired mental abilities. With their help, he  can interact with the inhabitants of the world,   reading their thoughts and trying to help  in solving their problems, as well as   extricating himself from various difficult,  sometimes ridiculous and funny situations. Crash Bandicoot N. 



Sane Trilogy A collection-trilogy of classic platformers  from the era of the first PlayStation,   which tells the story of the adventures  of a resilient bandicoot named Crash.   Together with the hero you have to overcome  platform levels, fight funny opponents and   collect numerous bonuses. The best game  for both beginners and nostalgic oldies. 



Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time After the symbol of the PlayStation family visited  other platforms, the developers decided to release   a new chapter of Crash's adventure, continuing  the story of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane. This time,   Crash and his sister Coco are drawn into a quantum  rift in time, and he has to find all the masks and   stop Doctor Neo Cortex, who has teamed up with  the old villains. In terms of gameplay, this is   a good old platformer with traditional elements  of the series, but reimagined mask mechanics. Spyro Reignited Trilogy Another guest from classic game consoles: Spyro  Reignited Trilogy is a reissue of three parts of   the Spyro series, dedicated to the funny  dragon who, of course, saves the world!   Each game from the collection is very  easy to master, but becoming a master,   passing all the tests and discovering all  the secrets of the trilogy will not be easy! Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom A fun metroidvania-style platformer in which  you, as a guy who has acquired the ability   to transform into different animals, will  save an enchanted kingdom from a villain.   The game features a variety of gameplay  mechanics and cute cartoon visuals that   captivate from the very beginning and will  not let go until the end of the adventure. 



Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince The final release of the Trine  puzzle platformer series,   which got rid of the mistakes of the previous  part, got new gameplay features and got a stunning   picture in the style of a revived fairy tale.  Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince is an impressive   co-op adventure with challenging yet highly fun  challenges that will definitely impress you.

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